The Pedigree of Thistle Hill Macallan and Thistle Hill Auchentoshan

This is a representation of Mac and Tosh's official AKC Pedigree. The sire's bloodline originates in the United Kingdom, represented by the (UKG) in the notes. His dam's American bloodline has a history of several champions. Mac has grandparents and great-grand parents of Black and Tan (3,6,11,13), Red and White (4,12), Red (5) and Black, White and Tan (14). Thistle Hill's Lord and Master (1) is listed as White, Black and Tan while King's Court Tilly(2) is listed as Black, White and Tan. Macallan was whelped on May 3rd of 1995, one of a litter of four, one Red and White (M) and three Black,White and Tan (M,M,F). He was the dominant pup of the litter, spirited, intelligent and active. Auchentoshan was whelped on June 28, 1996 and was the only surviving puppy of his litter. However, since he was raised among seven other English Toys, he's a playful and at times demanding pup, used to making noise to get what HE wants!

											Valevan Thomas Llewlyn
							3				(UKG)
							Valevan Mr. Nelson-(UKG)-------<
							|				Belazieths Sweet Poppin of
 							|				Valevan  (UKG)
			1				|				8
	 		CH Thistle Hill's Lord 'n Master<
			|				|				
			|				|				9
			|				|				Valevan Sir Gwilliam
			|				Valevan Madame Liza-(UKG)------<
			|				4				Tregairn Fiona of Valevan
			|								10
Thistle Hill Macallan---<
Thistle Hill Auchentoshan
			|								11
			|				5				CH Suruca's Night Train
			|				CH Surucas After The Sunrise---<
			|				|				CH Dreamridge Suruca
 			|				|				   White Lace
			|				|				12
			Kings Court Tilly---------------<
			2				|				13
							|				CH Kings Court Mickey
 							|				   Mouse
							Kings Court Minnie Mouse-------<
							6				CH Highgrove Kings Ct

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