Top Gun

I'd rather be coasting!

I just LOVE a B&M Inverted! This one is Top Gun at Paramount's Great America
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There is nothing quite like a really good roller coaster. I have ridden about 50 or so wooden and steel coasters, most of them at Six Flags parks. I worked for Astroworld from 1978-1981 as a ride operator and later foreman. I was a member of the original crew on Greezed Lightnin', and was foreman at the Wagon Wheel, Greezed Lightnin', Alpine Astroway and Alpine Sleighs. I spent most of my time as foreman on "The Cable" and love it dearly. I was certified to drive on all the coasters in the park.

Since then, my coastering has revolved around side trips when I'm out traveling. A fine site for finding coaster information is: Tim Melago's Directory of Amusement Park and Roller Coaster Links.

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